About this site

Slobodan Dan Paich Portrait

The reasons for this website are both poetic and practical:

To aid funders and supporters in seeing Slobodan’s working history in words and pictures.

To record more than 50 years of Slobodan’s life in the arts.

To honor the people who work and have worked with Slobodan.

To bring to light the collective ingenuity and un-thought-of connections that grew out of years of work together.

To give voice to continuous nurturing and vigilance in the realms of Freedom of Imagination and the Right of People to Gather and Express that comprise Slobodan’s work.

Slobodan Dan Paich is currently Artistic Director of Artship Ensemble, San Francisco, California and the Principal Researcher of the Artship Inquiry, both programs of Artship Foundation.

In his dally work he leads collaborative teams creating works for theater, curating exhibitions and researching and presenting scholarly papers at international conferences in the field of comparative History of Art and Ideas.


Phone: 415-278-5793
Email: artship@aol.com
88 Perry Street Ste. #734 San Francisco CA 94107 USA