Medallion for the Tender Stone Show


As Theater Director / Dancemaker of the ARTSHIP Ensemble, Slobodan Dan Paich is working in close partnership with the company members - actors, dancers, musicians, storytellers, language & visual artists - on Tender Stone. Tender Stone is slated to run May 6 to May 16, 2010 at CounterPULSE in San Francisco.

Based on the nurturing wisdom of women storytellers of the Persian and Mogul empires, our performance tells a poetic story of passion, love, betrayal, and constancy in the turmoil of the politics of the day.

Tender Stone attempts to call up the collective memory, evoking an ancient wisdom and bringing it into our contemporary world. Within the hidden depths of the molecular, cellular, and imaginative self of each one of us are the echoes of primordial myths and ways of knowing.

Ensemble process is at the core of Slobodan’s work. ARTSHIP Ensemble has a deep commitment to an ongoing weekly process of rehearsals, skills-building, inspirational improvisations and co-creation. This incubating process is a living kernel from which are pulled artistic standards, the shaping of new productions, community involvement and celebrations.

Our work attempts to create poetically rich space from the moment someone enters the theater, an outdoor or site specific space, to see our performance. Great care is taken that every aspect of the many-faceted field created gives the audience breathing space for their own spirits to expand.