Yugoslavia: 1963 - 1967


Here is a selection of paintings, drawings and small sculptures created by Slobodan Dan Paich over several years. He created the first two when he was age 15. The following images show some work he created in England, and the last is a small bronze made in America in the recent past.


The purpose of this selection is to share with viewers the continuity of Slobodan’s aesthetic search. From the very beginning there has been a deep commitment to fantasy and imagination. This is reflected in the title of his lecture given in 2001 at the International Peace Foundation in Vienna: “Freedom of Imagination Precedes Freedom of Speech."


In retrospect, it might be said that the nurturing power of the inner imagination and involuntary picture making of the dreaming process is at the core of Slobodan’s motivation in creating his work. The other closely related aspect of his work is eliciting, sharing and connecting the vitality of imagination with the community he lives in.


When most spontaneous, he always produces work and imagery that have an unconscious connection to ancient times and continuous human values placed right in the middle of contemporary issues.














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