Yugoslavia: 1952-1961

1954 photo of the Belgrade Youth and Children performers visiting President Tito


1952 - 1961 at the age of 8 S.D. Paich heard an announcement for an audition for child performers on the radio, to which he went, won a place, and then persuaded his mother to sign the contract and let him go. Reluctantly she did, and from ages 8 to 16, he sang and performed, acted in television and films.

Radio Belgrade's second visit to President Tito, Slobodan is circled

Second visit to President Tito with the Radio Belgrade Choir. 1955.

Radio Belgrade in Germany

First children from Eastern Europe visiting Germany for an international children's singing contest. Slobodan sang Mozart in Serbian; he's front row, second from the right. 1955

Slobodan at six months old

For most of Slobodan's tenure at the Radio Belgrade Children Chorus, composer Zlatan Vauda was conductor and director.